Telugu Movies Based On History

Telugu Movies Based On History

South Indian films have always been a great source of entertainment, whether it be the high octane action scenes or the comical feel-good scenes, or gripping storylines. And the Telugu Cinema has been on a continuous rise. People are finding it very amusing to watch these movies as they deliver on every front. The quality of films that have been produced in the Telugu industry over the years has been phenomenal. And in a year when we were forced to remain at home due to a deadly pandemic, OTT platforms came to our rescue. Not only were we able to watch our favorite movies but also the new releases. One such OTT service is aha. It’s a haven for Telugu Movie Fanatics as it provides many exciting blockbusters and new movies to stream free of cost. 2020 was another excellent year for the industry as it produced many great films. One of them was Johaar, a fine example of extraordinary cinematography.


In his debut directorial, Teja Marni gives us a gem of a movie. Johaar, which has also been written by, tells the gripping tale of how a sudden decision by a person in power severely affects the lives of ordinary people.

Teja shows the ramifications of such a political move on agriculture, education, small businesses, and sports through four different stories.An ensemble cast breathes life into the stories. Cinematographer JagadeeshCheekati, art director Gandhi and music composer Priyadarshan give these four worlds distinct textures.

Released on 14th August 2020, the film has a runtime of 122 mins. The film starts by showing that Andhra Pradesh’s Chief Minister AchutaRamayya has just passed away, with his son Vijay Varma (Chaitanya Krishna) taking on his mantle. Vijay needs Rs.3000 Crore to build a statue in memory of his late father, which is to be more than 500 feet and can be viewed from the satellite, which will pave the way for him and his father to be a part of history. And for this, funds are siphoned from different sectors. And this leads to four other stories which show how ordinary people are affected because of a politician’s greed.

First, the story leads us to Varanasi, where we see a love story culminating between a bright girl Jyothi (Esther Anil), and a tea seller Siddharth (AnkithKoyya). Then it leads us to a village near Srikakulam where a widowed woman Ganga (Eshwari Rao), whose daughter suffers from kidney disease, can only rely upon her small farm to earn money to treat her daughter. Then we are taken to Rayalaseema, where an old man, Bose (SubhalekhaSudhakar), sticks to his ideals and provides shelter to homeless kids.

And at last, we are shown the story of an aspiring athlete Bhanu (NainaGanguly), who is a street circus performer. The film explores each story perfectly, and the cast brings life to each character.

If you are wondering where you can watch this gem, you don’t have to worry. You just need to subscribe to Aha’s OTT platform and stream this heart wrenching yet brilliant story. So just make yourself comfortable at home and stream on Aha. You can stream many latest Telugu movies online on aha app.